13 August 2007

Do You Know This?

Took this from Matthew's exercise book. I thought it's a good Falsafah Pendidikan in theory if not Lucas's school bag will not be this BIG, weighting 6.5 KG!!!
with a lot of homework everyday! And the teachers said it will be more when he goes to standard 4.

No wonder nowadays, Lucas seems to be very down and unmotivated

If only there will be more emphasis on "intelek, rohani, emosi dan jasmani" in the school, then it will bring more smiles on my boy's face...

Even the Deputy Prime Minister agreed with me. But the Education Minister seems to contradicting himself when talking about Revamp in UPSR, quote:

Asked how the revamped UPSR would be done, Hishammuddin said the examination would take into consideration pupils' school-based assessments, a centralised examination, psychometric tests, and achievements in co-curricular activities and sports.

more Falsafah-like, maybe? maybe not(?)
I thought there are abolishing the UPSR and PMR exams?

No no no, they are replacing it with a more complicated/difficult assessment system!! Which will be like this:
  1. SCHOOL assessment – planned, developed, conducted, examined and reported by teachers in schools.
  2. CENTRAL assessment – involving standards, instruments, data analyses and guidelines provided by the MES.
  3. CENTRAL examination – fully conducted by the MES.
  4. PSYCHOMETRIC tests – used to measure students’ innate abilities.
  5. PHYSICAL activity assessment – used to evaluate and
    measure students’ performance and involvement in extracurricular

Like that ar?? Then even Matthew will not be happy liao lor....HOW?

Susah lar!!

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