8 August 2007

Yu-Tou Gao (Yam Cake)

Last weekend, I went back to Sungai Rambai, the kampung is still as
peaceful as it was, even more peaceful after the open up of the AMJ. Mum told me she
received quite a number of orders for Yam cake, and without hesitation, I asked her to teach me how to make a yam cake that can receive a lot of orders.
(ha! need to make some extra $ for milk powder...very pricey now.)

There you are, let's get on to know how to turn this

into this

First, u need to have these ingredients:

Yam, China one better (round one),
rice flour 粘米粉 + corn flour 玉蜀黍粉, the ratio is 300g:200g (for small) or
500g:400g (big one)
red onion (a lot)
dried shrimp/udang kering (a lot, simmer in water first to reduce the saltiness
preserved vegetable (preferably lo-bo萝卜)
water (small 3 bowl, big 5 bowl )
salt, sesame oil, dark soy source for seasoning.

see these photos to know the ingredients (these are for big yam cake, for small one,
reduce to half)

Ok, let get started!

1. Sift the rice flour and corn flour into a mixing bowl. Add in water and mix well

stir it until like this (be careful in adding water so not to be too watery):

and add in some salt and black soy sauce for seasoning (the normal yam cake are white in color cause people normally don't ass black soy sauce, that's why my mum one is very special)

2. Add oil to wok and stir fry the red onion till fragrant

now add in the dried shrimp, preserve vegetables and stir fry till it fragrant (especially the dried shrimp)

add in the yam, stir fry...and season it with salt+ dark soy sauce and simmer it with 1/2 bowl of water:

Now, transfer it into a "loyang" a big flat container and add in the fried red onion and mix it well:

3. Now, boil the remaining water (remember, we have 5 bowl of water with half of it been used up to mix the flour?). Get the water to boil and immediately pour the hot water slowly to the mixed flour, continue to stir it as you pour in the hot water:

Now, you are ready to mix it with the fried ingredients:

Now, transfer it to a steamer and steam it for 45 to 1 hour and just sit back
and relax....

and after 45 minutes......

itu dia!

let it cold down for about 1-2 hours and when I was ready to cut it and indulge myself with lots of yam, yam nothing but yam..!


***mum said: that is people order one lah!!**
***me: 1 slice lah, pleaaase!
***matthew: PoPo, I want also!
***mum: ur papa got the recipe, ask papa go make your own yam cake!!

and Matthew went like this:


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