7 July 2008

39 and still growing!

After celebrating a "surprise" Birthday@TARC, I headed back home and this was what greeted me as I open the door! Surprise!!

Darling and her special home-made Blueberry-Cheese-Cake! A Big candle from Matthew and a very excited-cum-kang-chong Joyce who can't hold her laughter until forgot to sing!!

2nd Cake for the Big day!!

Joyce curi makan! and Matt can't wait with his bowl ready!

Dinner was ready~

#1: Drunken Prawn

#2: Steamed Pork Rib with Tauchu sauce

#3: Spicy Lalah

#4: HongKong Choy Sum

I really enjoy my 39th birthday, indulging myself with "delicious foods" with lots of LOVE from my wife and kids! A wonderful way to say goodbye to 38 and getting ready for the next number to come! Next year it'll be 40!!

Just as we were about to end the day with a big smile in the dream, here come the 3rd SURPRISE! A very delicious "CHEESE" Cake from Mian and Shi all the way from Sri Hartamas!

It make me so PAISEH yet so touching!

In return, I invited them for dinner the next day together with David and Siew Yun. So paiseh leh~~ must feed them well, my darling, the kids and they all....so kind to me...here were what I prepared for dinner on the next day:

#1: Fried Fish with Teriyaki ginger

#2: Kei-Zi Bitter gourd with Sweet & Salted Egg

#3: Crispy Five Spice Chicken Wing

And Last but Not Least:

Asam Fish Head!!

That's all! Enjoy the 39th Birthday! Enjoy the Meal!!

At the end of the day, I told my wife that if I get bored with lecturing, I will start cooking
What do you think?

Terima kaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhh!!

Tell u a secret: the asam fish head help a pregnant lady to improve her appetite!
Don't ask me, I know, a pregnant lady shouldn't be fed with asam fish!! but she cannot tahan mah!!


moses@トラ said...

wah.. dunno Mr. CK know how to cook well. Now it's seem revolution had taken place.. more guys are cooking than girls d.. but tat's just my opinion la. Lol! Happy 39th birthday, bro!

ck said...

Thanks, bro, next time will cook for you, k?

Anonymous said...

eh bro....ur wife pregnant ah

ck said...

Eh eh, tak da lah...sudah tiga dan sudah tua lo! kakaka! tu ini orang lain lah :p