25 July 2008

Matthew the MotoGP Champion!

Remember not long I wanted a 2nd hand motorbike? So we went around to search for one and Matthew finally got what he think should fit his need and make him a MotoGp Champion see, he has a good taste:

A BMW 1000cc Superbike!!!

So, he put on his gear, get ready to explore his new machine:

Wanted to be like him

Papa: Who? I Thought You want to be Leng Chai Astro-not

Matthew: Him ~~

Not forgetting his daddy, he invited me to join his Team BMW

Matthew: Papa, Ready?

Vroomm! Vrooomm! Vroommmm!

A! Tak jalan pula!?
Papa: Let me try...You sit at the back! Hold tight-tight!



Matthew: Papa, why so slow?
Papa: Of course slow lah, you thought it's a BMW meh? It's only a .....


Honda EX% ~~Cup-Kia Nia.....!

Matthew: where is my BMW??

papa: too expensive to maintain, like Proton Perdana V6...

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