29 July 2008

My Shopping Bag

Never mind if you don't know about the Kyoto Ptotocol that is deemed to fail or never watch Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth that seems so far away & sound untrue for us, but have you ever wonder what the Global Warming meant to you & I and our generations to come?

So instead of talking over it but not knowing what it's all about and never practise it, why don't we "walk the talk" and help a little bit to be an environmental-friendly earth citizen, after all, we are just a steward, a temporary dwellers of this planet earth.

So, with that in mind, I started using this "shopping bag" ever since my wife became my maid, oops! sorry, I meant full-time-housewife. No plastic bags as much as we can, see to understand how it work:

Carry a Bag like this to pasar, although you'll attract people's attention
(Don't be mistaken, I'm not a Diamond water agent)

Put everything into it!

Bring your own container for "wet" items, u can recycle the ice-cream container, like this:

Eg: Fish and prawns

Remember to put the container at the bottom and followed by all the "hard" vegetables like cucumber, cabbage etc.

Request/ask the seller to wrap the greens with old newspapers
instead of them conveniently putting it into plastic bags.

Banana should go on top, isn't it?

Got this small little cute pot (RM3) to stall cooking oil
for my full-time housewife-cum-m**d

Stainless steel Chopstick at RM1 each,
sorry it came with plastic wrapping, no choice
The end results: Satisfying!
No Plastic Bags at all!

So, as easy as A-B-C and you can forget about whether the Kyoto Protocol can succeed or not, or The Inconvenient Truth is true or not, you can know the truth now by carrying a shopping bag next time you go to pasar: It will cut down a lot of plastics bag and help to conserve the planet earth and reduce Global warming!!

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moses@りゅうこ said...

Haha... i also got this type of bag at my room but i still haven't practice "green" habit. Maybe it's time to follow ur footsteps after reading ur blog. Good one, bro! But after i install kitchen... no kitchen, cannot go pasar beli sayur.. Haha..