15 July 2008

Good Food in Setapak/Gombak/Melawati (Pt 2)

Let's continue from the Home-hand-made noodle stall to another good food in Setapak Jaya.
Going back to the Pasar direction, ist junction turn left (about 20 steps from the noodle stall) go into the Pork selling stalls, you will see this Uncle at the 1st stall selling Siew Ba (Roasted Pork) and Cha-Siew Ba.

Very popular among the locals because the meat are soft and juicy and it's not over-roasted. But very long q, and selling like hot-cake!! You have to go before 11am before it's sold out!

We always asked him to chop RM3 or RM5 to eat it with the noodle, a lot of locals do that and I
did it this morning

The Wan-tan Noodle from the Noodle stall, good! very Q!

Today, I found something new in this Pasar, see the picture to guess


for good food, Pasar Setapak Jaya never fail you

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