14 July 2008

Good Food in Setapak/Gombak/Melawati (Pt 1)

Sometimes my students asked me: Sir, being so long in this area, what are the good and cheap food that you'll recommend? My replied: good food ada, but not necessarily cheap...say-lah affordable! haha!

So, I decided to start blogging about food in my neighborhood, you may not agree with my choices as "different flower goes into different eyes" if you do know about good food in these areas, do tell me huh, we'll go together, k?

We'll start with Setapak Jaya, it is opposite Sri Rampai. If you go in via the traffic light between the lake and the mosque, you'll come to a cross road and turn right into the Pasar Setapak Jaya area.

Go along the road and when come to the end, last Chinese Stall at the left, you will find the stall before the mamak stall.

The favorites among the patrons are Lo-Mee in soup and Dried Small noodle (all noodle are hand-home-made.)


Kong-Lou Small Noodle

Joyce suka sangat!

The Teh-C also no bad @ RM1.10

There are many other options as well, see photo below:

So, next time you visit this place for sayur-sayuran, try-lah this stall, good! Don't forget to bring my kids along, k?

Operating hours 6.30-11.30am
Offday: not sure

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