15 July 2008

Featured in July issue, vol 31!

Remember not long ago I was invited to comment on "The impact of food crisis to Malaysia's economy" by this magazine?

This afternoon I open up my pigeon hole in the office, I found this big envelope

It's a complementary copy

from the publisher for my comments on their Cover Story

The story are from page 10 to 24

I gave my views on various issues such as food crisis and what causes it; genetic-modify seeds/foods; economic development in this country (particularly on land & agriculture industry), inflation & subsidy as well as the management of Malaysia economy amidst the challenging time.

Just my little small thoughts and reflections on the current issue and challenge, paiseh-lah... (as I was the youngest and "smallest fella" among the three that were interviewd by the magazine)
Thanks to the reporter/writer who put all the small pieces of my thoughts into a good write-up.

For full story, you can grab a copy of this magazine at RM12 at the news stand/bookstores

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