23 July 2008

Steamed Tin Kai with Essence of Chicken

Inspired by Erin's Kitchen "Kung Pao Tin Kai", I went and bought Frog and since time was limited, came out with this Chicken Essence Frog.

Tin Kai
Slices of young ginger
1 bottle of chicken essence

1/2 teaspoon salt

1. Lay the ginger first before arranging the Tin Kai onto it

2. Steam it together with a bottle of chicken essence for 7 minutes

3. Remove from the wok and open the chicken essence and pour onto the frog

and in less than 10 minutes time, you are ready to eat!!

Told my "Very Big Boss" not long ago about this one, she said very "good" for man....double "Po" ~~double nutrition with Tin Kai + essence of chicken~~) Try it, you will love it! All the essence of Tin Kai (all the sweetness from the frog goes into the soup) + all the essence of chicken = a very good food to reward yourself after a long day!


ANGEL_onLINE said...

die die also i won't eat...no offence,but looks disgusting cos it's frog..urghhhh

ck said...

Sister, it is Chicken lah!! It's called FARM CHICKEN = TIN KAI!!

moses@りゅうこ said...

Lol! i want to try.. taste like chicken??

ck said...

Bro, it's "chicken" lah!! Much better than chicken, indeed..:p