21 July 2008

Good Food in Setapak/Gombak/Melawati (Pt 3)

This is the last one on Setapak Jaya.

You know why most people love to go Pasar for marketing? Because that's where you catch up with friends and neighbours in the neighbourhood. But for me, a son of a fishmonger who grown up smelling the so-called "smelly" environment of pasar, I have special feeling about Pasar, espeially towards the people and "food" of course!

Besides, Pasar is the place where you can bargain and sometime get some freebies with surprise and anything from A to Z!

I spotted this durian seller when they unload the durian from the lorry, so follow the Silver-hair uncle, it wont be wrong, let's see

Ah-Pek checking his choices

My turn pula...

3 steps only: Shake it! Smell it! and Use your finger nail to touch the "duri" and hear the sound! haha, Keng-leh...

3 for RM6 only!!

and the end result:


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