27 July 2008

Hainanese Chicken Rice --Tmn. Melawati

This post will remind some of you of a familiar place and face.

If you go to Taman Melawati town centre via the TNB entrance-CIMB-Maybank toward the food court after Heng Kei, park your car in front of the food court, you will see this stall No. 27 in the left hand side of the middle entrance:

And this busy Hainanese uncle will greet you with his loud voice: Suki! (hainanese means orang sendiri)

uncle: Gua Handsome bo??

Order his famous hananese chicken rice: steamed or roasted, you make the call, in less than 2 minutes time, you get your very fragrant-original-hainanese-chicken-rice from a Hainanese Uncle whose ancestor can be traced all the way to Wen Chang Province, Hainan Island:

White (Steamed) Chicken

Roasted Chicken

very tasty Lo Poh soup

Lucas approved the chicken rice!

Joyce sapu all the chicken & the soup!!

Come-lah and say: Uncle! Kueh-Bui yat bua! ("Uncle! one plate of chicken rice please!" in Hainanese) maybe u will get discount

Nasi Ayam Hainan, Food Court, Taman Melawati.
Operating hour: 11-4pm, Closed on Thursday
Chicken Rice, Taugeh, Choy-SUm & other variety to goes with the rice (All Halal)


moses@りゅうこ said...

I love the chicken rice at this stall too but only ate once there. Guang Siang brought me there to eat lunch. The rice very fragrant. *thumbs up*

Thomas' Kitchen said...

I know this place! I was back in KL for Chinese New Year this year but they were closed and for a very looong time too. So I didn't get to eat my yearly Uncle Lim's chicken rice.

Camy said...

Thanks for your support. Actually his surname is "Ling'. Should call 'Uncle Ling' chicken rice.
I love it. Love the Friendly Uncle & Aunty, Love the food.